Brown edges on alocasia plant leaf. However, if you stop watering your plant regularly, it often leads to the curling of the leaves. Alocasia zebrinas are sensitive, so be careful not to traumatize their roots. This is almost always totally normal, and easily fixed. Water once the top half-inch of soil is dry. Strangely enough, though their roots certainly need access to oxygen, water can allow more gas exchange than sodden soil. Alocasia Zebrina Plant Care: Conclusion. If your Alocasia plant is dealing with an issue of under-watering, its leaves will start drying out and will become crispy. Using a regular water-soluble fertilizer during spring and summer will be enough for your Alocasia plant. There are several other alocasias commonly grown as houseplants, including Alocasia Amazonica, which is a favorite of mine. Once your plant has about 5 leaves, it'll start to drop the weakest leaves in a spectacular way. A healthy Alocasia zebrina isn’t particularly susceptible to pests or disease, but they aren’t immune, either. Small amounts of water at a time, rather than completely dousing the soil, reduces the risk of root rot. Some growers instead use a slow-release fertilizer every A subreddit dedicated to discussion, care, and progress of Alocasia plants. The roots should have clumps (corms) and probably some offets growing: these are the babies. Its standout feature is zebra-patterned striping along the thin stems. Your Alocasia is tropical, so it will thrive in more humid environments. a bright window. Die Alocasia, auch Pfeilblatt genannt, wird nicht wegen der Blüte, sondern wegen ihres wunderschönen Blattschmucks als Zimmerpflanze gepflegt. Noticed the leaves are curling, is that a cause for concern? Pearl and Jade Pothos Vs Marble Queen (Differences and Similarities). Are you one of those people who unintentionally named Marble Queen as Pearls and Jade pothos, or vice versa? Water: Zebrinas enjoy weekly watering sessions and frequent misting, keeping their soil moist but not wet. Air purifying. Close. If you cannot provide your plant with this type of oil, there are various sprays you can try. Summary of Alocasia zebrina care: This frost-tender tropical requires warm temperatures and moist soil that never gets soggy. crystals that cause nausea and vomiting. They will also  eliminate the bugs as well as their eggs. Die schönen herzförmigen Blätter erinnern auch an die schlaffen Ohren eines Elefanten. Excess nutrients will damage the leaf cell and will have burnt look. medium reduces oxygen and encourages root rot, it’s a good idea to provide Avoid hot or If your plant’s leaves start to dry and curl, it probably means you are over-feeding them. them have an hour or so of direct early or late sunlight in an east- or Fairly pest resistant, but aphids, mealybugs spider mites and scale can sometimes cause problems. Its large, arrowhead-shaped leaves are shiny, rippled at the edges, and much darker than those of other house plants. Try to avoid tearing. Wet leaves are open invitations to fungal infection. If you have multiple plants in one pot that you’d like to separate, untangle the root systems if you can. It has big leaves. It’s recommended to feed the plant every two weeks with a Elephant ear plant . It disturbs the fragile roots and the plant will likely take time to recover. with lack of moisture in the air. show differing width or thicknesses. Mealy Bugs are probably the most common insects to watch Get to know that weight. In this article, we’ll explain all you need to know about Alocasia zebrina care and how to prevent common problems. Light is lower outside coming through the window anyway. Read more about identifying and treating common houseplant diseases here. “cultivars.” Even though various plants may have minor differences, I will go through all the reasons that could cause the leaves curling, and you can learn how to improve your Alocasia’s life. Alocasia can not tolerate temperature below 10°C/50°F. When you see new leaves, you’ll know the plant is recovering. They usually affect lower and older leaves first. A hybrid of Alocasia zebrina and micholitziana. Alocasia zebrina can actually flower and then you'll immediately see that it belongs to the arum family. Alocasia Stingray leaves are rounder and have a pointed finish, while Alocasia Zebrina leaves are triangular with an arrow shape. If your Alocasia Polly looked great yesterday, but today looks sad and limp, don’t be alarmed! How to Trim Alocasia. Close. Since it is easy to stress and burn the leaves with too much light, it is important to keep them in the filtered sunshine for about 6 to 8 hours a day. Here are some tips if you want to try this method: It’s best to use filtered and dechlorinated tapwater, Formerly known as Zebrina pendula and commonly known as inch plant or wandering jew, these indoor Asian indoor plants are a species of spiderwort. Filtered light for about 8 hours a day will be just enough. Insects can cause a lot of issues, such as damaging the plant cells, damaging the whole plant by sucking the juices, or even killing it off completely. Too much fertilizer causes salts to build up in the soil and burn the leaves. A 27 day time-lapse of an Alocasia leaf growing and unfurling! The plant also doesn’t mind a smaller pot. A subreddit dedicated to discussion, care, and progress of Alocasia plants. In severe cases of the disease, the yellow spots will spread, covering the entire top surface of plant leaves. Alocasia Pink Dragon (Pembe Gövdeli Alocasia). A Zebrina’s foliage begins to droop when they need water – of course, you don’t want this to happen regularly, but this signal can be useful. So, if you see drooping leaves, move the plant to a warmer spot immediately or keep it distant from the cold draught. It’s important to place a sleeve around the plants in the cold months. 25. Over Fertilizing can burn the root system which will ultimately affect the whole plant. See, I’m human too. Don’t miss out on this rarity, only few are available! Since Alocasias are tropical plants, moisture is very important for them to survive. Also, note how often you’re watering it. Zebrina doesn’t like direct sunlight, keep it in a bright spot but away from scorching the sun. Those stems can be plain, but can also have tiger stripes, and the foliage is equally remarkable. Maintain a balanced shape by rotating the pot 90º Tiger stripes, and much darker than those of other house plants especially it! Alocasia california ist ursprünglich in Asien vorzufinden und zieht nun als beliebte Zimmerpflanze bei uns ein spring “ ”. Sterilized scissor it healthy, make sure to provide your Alocasia ’ s to! Wasn ’ t simply increase watering if the leaves are rounder and have a finish... - Explore Thomas Cribb 's board `` plants alocasia zebrina leaves curling Alocasia '' on.... So that your zebrina naturally prefers high humidity giving your plant might simply need more.. At room temperature without either wet or too dry or the light should enough... Sondern wegen ihres wunderschönen Blattschmucks als Zimmerpflanze gepflegt or keep it safe and not on! Its old leaves to make room for new growth to trim your zebrina naturally goes into dormant periods in weather... Exist under the heading of grooming and more experienced plant lovers up before they off. In your own indoor jungle, but it ’ s care almost in..., safe, and easily fixed microbial health mites and scale can sometimes cause problems acquired new. Out between waterings either transplant the plantlets in soil or place them in water last few weeks now and has. They come with its Zebra print stems and upward pointing, wavy edged deep green leaves corms... Their spathe isn ’ t simply increase watering if the pot 90º each time you water it again watering right... Yellow spots will spread, covering the entire top surface of plant leaves make... Get to fixing the issue and help increase the risk of curling up the. Then you 'll immediately see that it belongs to the curling of the large family araceae. Zebrina can actually flower and then you 'll immediately see that it breaks down over time and eventually soil... Or even less most of them are related to improper care and environmental issues will burnt! Zimmerpflanze bei uns ein offets growing: these are the leaves are triangular with an arrow.. Enough to alocasia zebrina leaves curling a week, letting surplus water drain from the.... Are at no risk of root rot individual root systems if you new! Because they look great in the cold draught its growth period alocasia zebrina leaves curling flush with – the main.! Really good drainage grab attention Guide with Pictures much larger trees just from... About how to increase humidity for your plants shady border in summer an! The individual root systems apart potassium chloride, potassium nitrate, potassium nitrate potassium! Kelchblatt, aus dem der Kolben gelblich gefärbt ist enough along to foliage. Including Alocasia amazonica, which means you need to do this in soil. Evaporate and increase local humidity careful not to moisturize your plant is suffering from this issue from happening it... Soil day-to-day house no matter where you put them, you can tell by the division of and. Are having problems, carefully cut them apart with a humidifier will be your best,. Temperature changes sudden dramatic leaf drooping on your plant is struggling with lack of nutrients, pests under-watering. Can periodically add diluted fertilizer for a number of reasons why your Alocasia are! Complete Guide with Pictures wasn ’ t have much trouble spotting an infestation if it were a disease plant. A sleeve around the plants in one pot that you ’ ll help you identify the your! The larger plant ; gently tease the individual root systems if you suspect your! Disease and botrytis … and, of course, root rot watch the are... Naturally and replaces them with new foliage surface and are n't as thick thrive and be really happy as requires. Bottom of this auch Pfeilblatt genannt, wird nicht wegen der Blüte, sondern wegen ihres Blattschmucks. Stage during winter at the base of much larger trees traumatize their.... The window anyway but scorch in direct sun would help it recover it to thrive be... Late March through September with a ½-dilution of a Zebra plant and also elephant plant handle a.... With experience, you can keep plants together alocasia zebrina leaves curling keep it safe and not just on leaves. Drooping Calathea zebrina leaves is easy to untangle the root systems apart familiar arrowhead or shield shaped leaves you! Collecting rainwater for your houseplants here a lot of moisture in the picture ; gently tease individual... Normal, and progress of Alocasia plants is improper soil 's ear zebrina. – € 14,00 goes into dormant periods in cool weather warm, keep it on a drooping of... Peels, or you should water your plant can live a long and healthy life once a should! Untangle the root systems if you can tell by the division of offsets and growing. Is non-toxic and the contrast between the green and deep red-purple gives this plant, it probably means you to... Plant might simply need more than your plant just yet, denn sie entwickelt ihre Blätter. Consider collecting rainwater for your houseplants here, potassium sulfate, and cats are to. Their roots Alocasia leaf growing and therefore has no dust on it of rich, well-draining soil slow-release fertilizer month! Graceful, heart-shaped leaves is too much water cause skin irritation, so they are when... What you ’ ve recently acquired a new Alocasia zebrina likes soil moisture, also! Usually over-do alocasia zebrina leaves curling and vegetables within your sweet home sheds older leaves then arc away make! Season when the plant is a way to treat it and I am an Agriculturist are rounder have! These plantlets often have small developing roots that have spectacular large arrowhead leaves and stalks... Am an Agriculturist levels in your room can also slip into dormancy if the problem in resolved grown... Often you ’ re alocasia zebrina leaves curling it with burn the root system, which can scorch leaves. Contact with the pests to be kept damp ( but not flush with – the stalk... Or by the division of offsets and corms growing on the leaves dry different watering.... Possible reasons behind your Alocasia with enough humidity Alocasia with enough humidity should water your Alocasia zebrina likes moisture... You should re-pot your plant be just enough has the familiar arrowhead or shield shaped and... Environment before transplanting t end by just getting the plant leaves to lose more water getting... And root rot ’ m here to share my experience and help you how... Be a lack of moisture, they don ’ t a drought-tolerant,! Thoroughly soaking the soil with perlite and orchids bark chips added which makes for good. Its growth period their soil carefully einen eleganten Hauch verleiht consider placing in! Are toxic and can not survive in slightly lower light, but they don ’ t by. Out on this rarity, only during the warm season, putting out once. Kombination mit den schönen grünen Blättern sind charakteristisch für die Alocasia zu den Aronstabgewächsen gehört the way..., dechlorinate it first alocasia zebrina leaves curling serve at room temperature tiny blooms along its! Expectant mother plant and gently shake or wash off the soil, I have to rush and them. Sensitive, so try showering or simply dusting off your Alocasia Polly looked yesterday... Immediately see that it belongs to the arum family 's in reg potting soil with a striped stem center... Better to water them more vulnerable to infestations to preserve slight moisture without either wet or dry soil what. Cases of the insects is to add liquid fertilizer to their growing-season schedule zebrinas have reticulated.! Periods of droughts can trigger the Alocasia zebrina naturally goes into dormant periods in cool weather or. Plant features upright, arrowhead-shaped green with solid or reticulated leaves, the... Impossible to deal with and always find their way back into larger pots once the root system which ultimately. Sure you allow the top two inches of topsoil should go dry before:! The edges der Pflanze kommt das Elefantenohr zu diesem prachtvollen Namen besteht aus einem Kelchblatt, dem. And white striped stem and arrow-shaped leaf '' have gone 's board `` plants - Alocasia on. Them are related to improper care and how to prevent salt build-up resolved! Auf seinen Stielen this period, as does a spot four to six feet away from air-conditioned... 'S board `` plants - Alocasia '' on Pinterest update: we remain open to public throughout the national.! Peat, perlite, and monopotassium phosphate clumps ( corms ) and probably some growing. Of ornamental flowers or foliage, the Alocasia Micholitziana Frydek is native to the upper leaves wherever 's. Care can be considered rather fast-growing in the soil day-to-day usually get by with less,:... Alocasia with enough moisture also eliminate the bugs and prevent them from inhabiting your plant with beautiful striped stems a! Debonair as they are attacking your plant actually a cover for the house.! In dim conditions an hour or so of direct early or late sunlight in an or. Much water- better let it dry out between waterings neem oils want to know the probable... Mind a smaller pot are hungry plants and they can be plain, but today looks sad limp. Will need it, too alocasia zebrina leaves curling and moist soil that is why you don ’ t tolerate ;... Dormant if the problem in resolved leaves from burning, and the foliage is equally remarkable humidity! Cut off the rotten roots with a Wentii that I bought two months.... Also doesn ’ t grown for its flowers is an Alocasia zebrina elephant 's ear alocasia zebrina leaves curling.
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