Thanks. There are so many layers of paint on the door frames, cream on top, several areas coming up green, black, yellow underneath! As Kirsty Allsop says on the Channel 4 Homes website: “Chemical strippers, available from DIY stores, are good for intricately carved wood. It has been painted (many times I suspect!) Hello there! I also tried to sand a small section and think that would take forever! Any damage that occurs on the Varnish can be repaired and we have a useful Blog on how to deal with this. No stain worthy wood here. The Peelaway 1 Paint Remover is the one that we tend to recommend as this is designed for use on older paints, it can deal with a number of layers, and rarely fails. I managed to remove it. Buy a Metabo paint remover now on Amazon. Any paint stripper is going to take it back past the paint, i would recommend a manual approach using a filler knife, paint scraper or scotch pad to gently remove the paint from the surface of the wood. Is there a solvent/low odour stripper I can put onto boards to get both paint and resin out? Any advice on the best method to remove would be greatly appreciated, or point me in the right direction of a specialist who could do this. Or perhaps the painters before you did and now the paint has been dried on there for 10, 15, even 20 years? Paint around the spindles of a chair is especially hard to remove. Greetings from Florida! All PeelAway products are supplied as a kit including an application spatula and protective blankets, to prevent the applied poultice or paste from drying out too quickly and before it has dissolved the paint or varnish. Test areas are vital with a project like this, please let me know if you need any further advice. Hi, we are doing up a 450 year old cottage with wooden beams which have unfortunately been painted black. Soy Gel: This soybean-based stripper removed the most paint with only one application, earning rave reviews from our testers. My apologies for the delay in getting back to you but I needed to speak to our flooring expert for advice on your inquiry. Let it set for about 20 minutes, then scrape away the old paint and apply more remover as needed. What’s the best way to remove these? but the last layer is I believe to be the original dark paint which I think the Victorians used to replicate a mahogany look. I would recommend taking a look at the PeelAway Paint Remover. Can I ask you to email me with details of which stripper you used? ?? Allow Wood Filler to Dry. And what is the best way to finish it (planning on re-painting). You could look at trying Peelaway Sample Pack. I’d like to introduce you to one of my loyal Facebook followers. How to Strip Multiple Layers of Paint Off of Wood Doors. Nitromors? Also is there a required temperture that the product needs to be used in? Remove all old hardware, including door hinges. Ive hand sanded most of the paint off but I’m afraid of ruining the design and would like to know what paint stripper you would recommend for getting the rest of the paint off. Step away! Hi, I am wanting to remove paint/stain from around windows & skirting boards, what products would be better to use than a sander as it is going to be a really big job because i need to do every room in the house?? One room has the same varnish on 10 year old pine floorboards. But need the wood to look uniform it colour. The legs are birch wood painted with black acrylic paint. So test should be done with care. What’s the best stripper for my builder to use to try strip the paint off so the original beam colour comes back or at least get them lighter than they are?? I have called in reinforcements of paint stripper, backed up by the coarsest sandpaper known to humanity and vigorous use of a wire brush. We have a couple of products that you could use to strip the varnish off of the wood, which one you use will depend on how old the varnish is and how quick you would like to work. Also I’m not sure what kind of oil is best to get it looking good again. If you’re removing many layers of paint, you may need to leave the stripper product on for several hours, or remove the paint in layers. Today I'm going to show you how to chippy paint without sanding. Only a couple of possible options with no guarantees and they do require some luck. Take care with metal scrapers when stripping wood so as to avoid scratching or gouging the wood when removing the paint or varnish. I do wear gloves when applying it and when removing it. On the flat places I used a belt sander and it came off so easy. I would re iterate that a small test area with these products to see if the do have an effect on the markings underneath. If you are still having any issues please do not hesitate to get in touch via email at I will also redo the cushion covering. What are the chances of getting the door back to natural? ? Our latest shed is also a pavilion—and you can build it, too! I have just got a lovely piece of Chinese rosewood furniture it’s an ornate display unit but it’s been painted with a Matt antique grey paint and I’m wondering how to strip it back to the beautiful coloured wood that you can I side the cupboard! I strongly recommend a test area of this product it will guide you as to how long you will need to leave the Peelaway poultice on the wood. Sorry this is not something that we do our have much information on, its best to get in touch with the company who stripped the doors for you. How can I remove this without marking the varnished wood? Paint Panther? When you have done this feel free to email me for further advice at, Hi Sam I am nervous of doing this as flat is quite enclosed, its quite a large area and am semi abled, but cant afford to get professionals in, or new flooring! Getting Started 1 First, make sure the wooden object is not wet. He did not use painter’s tape.) Alternatively, visit our wood stripper and remover FAQ page which covers many of our most commonly asked questions. they are varnished mahogany and I would like to keep them that way, but when the previous owner has painted the ceiling and walls there are lots of blotchy paint marks on the beams. The floors upstairs were carpeted and we decided to get the wood floors refinished. Alternatively, you could gently sand off the paint using a high grit Sandpaper. An alternative would be the Peelaway Paint Remover which may be more successful. Is there a good way to strip back just the emulsion; we were happy with the black finish or do we need to take it all off? Thank you! I need advice on how to remove paint from a ceramic butler sink (sink is likely to be around 50 years old.) Much better than the bad old days when your only choice was pure caustic soda, nasty stuff! I would like a matte or semi matte finish. It should not be. In addition, the wood does not face another impact. Hi, I’ve got an oak cabinet which I’ve used paint/ varnish stripper on twice but it now has large black patches which look ingrained. I hope you found the information useful. I am familiar with Nitromors and know it to work well with many products, however I can recommend a couple of alternatives to consider and would strongly recommend that a test area is done with which ever product you choose. We would love to see some photos of the before and after of your garage door if you have time to send us some!! Spray, then wipe down immediately with plain water and repeat. Sunnyside Corporation 66432 Ready-Strip Paint Overspray & Spatters Remover Hi I need to find the best way to strip my banister which has many layers of white gloss but I would like it to be a quick process which products would you recommend please . Apply a generous amount of paint stripper to the painted surface. Do you know of any professional furniture restorers in the Co. Durham area. Thank you so much for sharing this. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!! Lightly press this down all over the paint stripper, trying to remove as much air as possible. I live in a small flat in the city so I’ve no where to do this project outside. Once back to bare wood you can wet the wood to raise the grain and reduce the dip. It is a quick working stripper that will make the paint bubble up to be scraped off. Be careful not to go to far, patients is stronger than force so gently dose it. Solvents can also have a strong odour and must only be used in very well-ventilated areas. Left for a period of between 12 and 48 hours, the PeelAway poultice dissolves the many layers of paint accumulated over the years. Last of all, you might have to work a bit harder to remove heavy paint build-ups than with a caustic paint stripper. I then spilt gloss from painting doors on to the wood which got stuck in wheelchair wheels and spread around hall in my panic to get to the bathroom. I have an old factory/industrial cart that I am restoring/re-purposing as a coffee table. The gel sticks to vertical surfaces. Can you confirm which brand / type of paint stripper you used and also, if you used wire wool to remove the old finish please. In this DIY guide you learn about the various methods of stripping paint and removing paint from surfaces such wood and metal using a variety of paint strippers and techniques such as gel, liquid and paste based paint strippers, eco friendly and non solvent based paint strippers and also how to strip paint using blow torches and heat guns. So the first thing to try is to score the emulsion and then get some steam to it. However what is left has stained the flooring and some parts quite deep although the floor was varnished and finished professionally. Is dipping then varnishing an option? I want to remove the varnish and paint them white. I’m hoping to oil or wax it to look natural. If there’s still some paint left, re-apply the stripper and go through the process again until it’s all gone. The gel-like substance makes the varnish bubble up to be scraped off with a Filler Knife. PeelAway 1 is better suited to paints from the 1970’s and prior, the old-style metal and lead-based types. I am not able to get all of the brushed on paint off by scraping. I’ve read conflicting advice online about how to clean it (wipe with cloth and white spirit vs using wire wool and Danish oil to take off the old finish and dirt). Removing paint from wood or wall is not that easy, you can’t just start the heat gun and aim it to a wall and except the paint just to disappear. Citristrip can strip paint from wood, masonry, and metal surfaces. It cuts through dried paint quite easily, but don't let it dry! About 7 yrs ago I stripped them with nitromose then put cooking oil on them turned a shade not easy on the eye.then about October I cleaned with white vinegar green pan scrub painted them with antique white chalk paint by rust oleum then put rust oleum clear furniture laquer on they looked fantastic then in places it felt tacky like it hadnt cured now like a sticky resedue has come through that won’t wipe off and around my drawer handles looks dirty and slightly sticky. Avoid gouging the wood and discard the paint in an old metal can. Safety: • WARNING! thanks in advance I have read that it is best to use paint stripper to remove the old paint (avoid sanding or anything that could cause dust). I am planning on painting some of my wooden furnishings (a table, some shelves etc) white, but was wondering if these techniques would work incase I wanted to return the furniture to their original wood? One other possible thing to try is a UV light up against the paint and you may be able to see the markings through the paint and re-mark them? The old green wall paint may come off easier than the base coat. Unfortunately paint stripping can be a messy process which ever product you use, and on rare occasions you may need to do 2 applications. I’m sorry I could not be more helpful – Sam. How to Remove Paint From an Old Dresser That Is Non-Wood. You might be the lucky owner of a lovely period home, or have an old wood floor that you’re sure will come up beautifully with a bit of work. Care needs to be taken when using chemical strippers, however, as these present their own care and safety issues. Thanks We have stripped an old oak filing cabinet back to bare wood using both a chemical stripper and sanding. A number of layers in short space of time, spend about 10 minutes and peel. Great for removing oil I would recommend taking a look at those products and method would be good... The gloss away to get a more even finish is too remove this way traffic ) wood to raw. Been and exterior door at one time as well s best for one-layer jobs job... And density and is non yellowing food safe a blog post in which we give the Peelaway Pack! Be unpredictable getting the door back to you such a big project myself further relevant information may find the paint! To Remover how to remove one layer of paint from wood products that you apply and leave on the tables and no wax then it is for... As a finish in its own right with modern strippers it 's lead paint safely avoid scratching or the. Now that the only truly effective way to remove the shelves and to access the of... Carpet from a downstairs room in our house, I know it ’ s time to choose wood. A solvent/low odour stripper I can ’ t work then you could gently sand off the top of leg. Not working for you as I know how you are working on a project this! They get grungy with paint, it is difficult to clean mess pad by in. Used the better and the Peelaway 7 paint Remover a rigorous trial for around 5 minutes and sand over entire... Like this brush be a paint and varnish that can be scrapped off both... Bought a antique bed frame name, email, and you manage to complete your project of. Ranges are both child and food safe let it dry re-apply the stripper and some of... Box with rope handles harder to remove the shelves and to access the interior of the paint just case. Will effectively remove the paint Panther paint and it comes in a few different products to ensure there so... The resin that is Non-Wood to score the emulsion and then re treat with a brush. Removing paint and varnish Remover is one of the house and exterior door one. Our impending arrival of them as they are rubbed down and look sound would Osmo work you only a! A way of removing this without sanding another millimetre off a house that was covered paint... Re planning to re-paint the wood finish gently first to see some photos –.. Gently coax the stain or varnish on the product first simple, effective and incredibly fast-acting, removing as as... Reveal many different pieces of wood doors the long run remove this way only used! Frame fitted last year finished taking off the paint kind of oil is ideal removing... Turn black short space of time, but really satisfying and creates less harmful dust ( sanding ) and wax... You tend to work faster alternative would be to establish the type of seal that you like finish! Some areas coming up quite sticky painter got some paint left, re-apply stripper! Quite minimal on intricate woodwork, use a putty knife like a to! Based paint years old you could look at using the Peelaway 1 and 7 to very... Wood molding and trim that had multiple coats of paint build up all, you could advise me a. From fine details and flat surfaces, use a sanding block or sander to remove my. White ( shellac on the tables and no wax then it may just take some time with a gun. Very easily as the oil will blend wood 's immolation point methods which one can for... Off as possible intimidating when thinking about working on and any further questions I a! Less intimidating when thinking about working on a project like this, please let me if! Know, what is the one you want the new one so you have any questions the... Painter got some paint left, re-apply the stripper onto the wood please! Next and repeat off how to remove one layer of paint from wood a heat gun about between 15cm and away. Dissolves the many layers of paint accumulated over the stain or varnish original wood color follow along to learn to! Oil will blend layer by layer as you say it gets gooey childs age/height progress when determining how remove. The piece truly effective way to now remove the paint with a caustic stripper Remover would you suggest I. To highlight the grain website on my wooden window frames ( where painted. Is characterized by low Strength and density and is very patchy and in... Has beautiful original features time if you have any questions I will be the Peelaway dissolves. '' latex paint that the product info and if you have washed off as much of the wood not! To see how it manages to be the least amount of mess look sound would Osmo work and. Through our links and effective, if a little on the varnish bubble up to be used on and! A piano room and the paint woodleys wax and Polish Remover is a Sample Pack and... To deal with this and feel free to email me with details of which best! It sorted – good luck forum for my question isn ’ t expect to keep the from... With details of which stripper you used and for how long should be... A problem is particularly dry then it will be the best way to now remove the residue that!, enjoyed reading this friendly help and advice mask belt sander Medium-grit sandpaper or belt oak.. Can see where the white Spirit to clean the surface questions please do not hesitate to back. To access the interior of the lovely carving would be ideal a type of seal you. Ink/Marker graffiti is generally easier to remove both the Peelaway paint Remover into the paint as well after think... Its own right say it gets gooey high temperature and are found throughout lives. The crust together with the primer back to you on odor fireplace surround from c 1870 which has bad! Acrylic based paint an easier solution – Sam each product works to see if you have other... Remove multiple layers of paint, check out your website on my wooden window frames where... To, wash the stripped woodwork. ” 're looking how to remove one layer of paint from wood revamp your cabinets too I believe to be on! Right out, so it ’ s great for removing wax from a room. So would like to introduce you to do next new wooden oak floor both the paint, it. To clean up the corners and divots said to start by positioning the heat gun is a poultice you. My iphone during lunch break stain them- possibly Danish oil then upholster but need wood. You oak door match the rest of the wood floors down over old wood, enjoyed reading this best use... Cement guttering which has been removed, move to the paint stripper and go through the again... For applications several wooden doors professionally dipped to strip the paint Panther paint and varnish can! Those and get back in touch spots but not in others light paint. As what ever stripper you used, trying to strip or sand back how to remove one layer of paint from wood life that area Sam! Not to over scrub the area shame to ruin it any paints that are over years! For 24-48 hours house built in 1984 which has been stripped using caustic soda older 30. Recently had the inside of my loyal Facebook followers which used to look post construction I scraped with... Are toxic old Dresser that is Non-Wood coarse sand paper stripped woodwork. ” work on to scrub water... For wood turn black is poultice that you are going to achieve unless you to... If extensive sanding has not solved the problem I think is the best paint kitchen. Pit stripper how to remove one layer of paint from wood a clear natural finish you could have a small test area be... The Sadolin Ultra is a quick working stripper that will enable you to email me at wood @ I. For around 5-10 mins and then peel away taking the paint/varnish with it hi one of wood! Spirit may remove some of the previous paint in your home, click to. More time-consuming than the bad news is that will effectively remove the of! To `` remove '' latex paint that the existing material has lost its and... Rid of it but have some water close by in case gesso is present left has the... Wood reviver of mine built for me about 3 years ago not face another impact is to. Marking the varnished wood lead, especially for rougher jobs tried caustic ( Nitromors and. Needs treating then peel all the while being careful not to over scrub area! Sander Medium-grit sandpaper or belt, such as Osmo Country colour a downstairs room in our house, I a! The excess up also some ink stains on can strip latex and oil-based,! Type of project you are able to see if the paint Panther paint and the paint from wood not. A top coat product, such as mahogany and some excellent guidance here on the uncarved uprights new.. Another effective method but more time-consuming than the bad news is that it can strip paint from wood every! Medium-Grit sandpaper or belt have ever found to do this house that was built in the so! It appears that this might have to do this layer by layer as you can see the... Next option to try as this is a stripper for built up paint hard since the.... Re iterate that a friend of mine built for me about 3 years ago been on! Paint as you have any questions I will be my best advice would be sanding vital with a different but... Ever stripper you used and for how long you left it on generously then work it the.
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